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Full Moon Folklore

UK Folklore for the 10 Days after a Full Moon


Day 1
Said to be the best day after the full moon to consider starting a fresh enterprise or even better to actually get it up and running.

Be prepared for a lengthy illness if you happen to fall prey to sickness on this day though. Happily this does not apply to the new born, as any child born on this day it is said will enjoy a long healthy life, and prosper in the process.

Day 2
Whether you run a company, operate a cottage industry or plan to have a garage sale traditionally the second day after the full moon is a very positive day to sell your wares. By the same token it is a good day to buy, probably being able to find items at reasonable prices.

Good fortune will come to those interested in gardening as it is said that any plant sown or bedded in on this day will flourish. Likewise those involved in agriculture will have an easy time of ploughing the land.

Day 3
Those who find their property fell prey to the felon's eye on this day can at least gain some small comfort that the thief is also likely to be caught within a short amount of time if not the very same day.

It was traditionally believed that any child born on this day would be prone to illness, and therefore was believed to have a short life expectancy.

Day 4
Well, this is definitely the day to start building that extension or barbie, or going for a fresh look in decoration in the home, which of course includes repairs. This is said to be a positive day to commence any new project that involves construction design to your property. If you're planning this try to get out on the second day after the full moon to pick up those last minute bargains from the sales;).

Keep an eye on the education and social life of any child born on this day as their intended aim be to develop a career will most likely move towards politics. The career will be prosperous and auspicious but only if those early days are firmly supported.

Day 5
If you are trying for a child, then according to folklore this is said to be an ideal time to conceive...and of course if you are careful :).

Regarding weather omens it is said that whatever happens on this day, be it rain or shine, then the rest of the month is likely to follow suit.

Day 6
This is reputed to be a very good day to book a holiday, and take a rest. If you can get away on this day even better as you are likely to have a wonderful time. For those interested in fishing or hunting it is said that this is a day when you might catch the big one!
Day 7
Little is said about this day except that if you are unattached and looking for a partner then today, the seventh after the full moon, will provide many opportunities to find the perfect lover. Falling in love is the order of the day, so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
Day 8
This day is connected to the first after the full moon, as it was traditionally believed that anyone falling ill would be unlikely to recover, and those fortunate to survive the illness would remain weak for some considerable time.
Day 9
Close the curtains when you go to bed and avoid looking out of a window at the new moon on this day if you want to retain your beautiful looks. The moon light was believed to have the power to change facial features and even thought at one time to cause temporary madness.
Day 10
Be patient with the child that is born on this day as it is said that the spirit of the child is likely to be uneasy, resulting in a restless 'free spirited' or hyperactive child.
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