Prehistoric Grampian.
Grampian and Aberdeen (UK). Stone Circles and Standing Stones.
The Stonehenge Association

A beginners guide to Stonehenge (UK) including visitor information.
AUM~Sparky's Astounding Ancients
Includes pictures and info about UK standing stones also interesting info about Cayce
Carnac France
Pictures of Megaliths in France
Ancient Scotland - standing stones sites and pictish stones of Scotland. Ancient Sites Directory - photographic guide and 'glossary of terms'.
At The Edge - Magazine with many ancient site references. British Archaeology on the Internet - University of Durham.
Current Archaeology Magazine - Up to date archaoelogical news from around the UK and articles on ancient sites. Earthwatch archaeology projects - Global Project.
English Heritage Ancient Monuments Laboratory Megalithic Mysteries - photographs from around Ancient UK
Megalithic Pictures Pages -pictures of ancient sites around Europe Stonehenge Association
UK archaeology resources on the Internet, maintained at the University of Nottingham. Virtual Stonehenge
Excellent English Heritage site that enables you to view a 3D recreation of Stonehenge and watch the sunrise on the Solstice. Down side this can take time to download
Friends of the Rollright Stones Oxfordshire (UK)
Are looking for Membership of the Friends of the Rollright Friends
Martin Gray's (anthropologist & photographer) extensive web site examines sacred places, pilgrimage traditions, and ecospirituality around the world. Visited and Photographed more than 900 sacred sites in forty countries many of his photographs are featured in addition to a wealth of information on archaeoastronomy, earth mysteries, ancient civilizations, sacred geometry, ecopsychology, shamanism, and mythology.

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