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Stone Circles of England

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Introduction to Stone Circles
A publication written and copyrighted by M. Turford for Mystical WWW
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The information in this exclusive, interactive book is copyrighted by M. Turford and Mystical-WWW

Introduction to "English Circology" (Stone Circles, England)
By M. Turford
Dedicated to my Father

Although it is not known exactly why such sites were constructed two of many theories offered are they were originally built and orientated on the stars or they were used for ritualistic and/or energy points. Like so many other people I have a fascination with the studying of stone circles which I call "Circology". I have attempted to assimilate all the data that I could find to form a central point for reference. Electrical readings have shown that there is some form of external force having effects upon magnetic fields in and around stone circles that can vary at different times of the day and year. The question still to be answered is, Why does this magnetic energy vary and for what reason?

Although more research is required into stone circles, it is believed by many that Earth Energy Lines(EEL)/ley lines (Alfred Watkins) exist because energy emanates from the planet (Gaia theory). Some believe that Stone circles are markers that were placed to input/output this energy. Each circle having effects upon each other to a greater or lesser degree. This in turn creates effects upon the very atomic structures of the world around us and then affects the planet and the organisms on it geomancy/feng shui. The aim according to some beliefs is to work with these forces to create positive outcomes, by tapping onto the energy of the planet. It is interesting that many of the old churches were either built on stone circle sites or are constructed of the stones that once stood near by. I appreciate that this was due to religion attempting to eradicate Pagan beliefs, but why do we still hold Stone Masonry in great mystery unless they knew/know the secrets of stone construction, just as Eastern philosophy has Feng shui. Many of the stones have been destroyed or worse, totally lost and unrecorded none of the theories will be proven unless more research is undertaken into what Magnetic Energies actually exist within, around and between stone circles. Only then might we may begin to understand why they were built.

Many of the facts/figures that have been assimilated for this book have been attained from visiting the sites, referencing to many of the books and hand outs written on stone circles. I appreciate that this book is not comprehensive,(no book that I have found is), but I am aiming for it to become the most comprehensive book on stone circles in England. Because I couldn't find one I have attempted to create one. My grateful thanks go to Marian Thraves for support throughout, David Taylor for research /keyboard processing of this mammoth task and Steeve, Jan and Rosie Keenan for visiting some of the Cumbrian sites. Please feel free to email with your thoughts on this research or any updated information you feel should be added/corrected. Mystical-WWW is constantly looking to broaden the areas covered.

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