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Christmas Pudding

A traditional serving at the main meal of the Christmas Day celebrations, and similar to the plum porridge dish known to many generations. It was introduced as a recipe in around 1670. There are said to be certain points to remembered though when making it. All those taking part in making the pudding will be fortunate during the next twelve months. When stirring the mixture, all those should make a wish. If the wish is kept a secret the wish should come true. The pudding should be stirred clockwise (east-to-west). This custom is said to date back to when the Sun God was worshipped during the Norse and Druid celebrations at this time of year, and indicates that respect is shown.

Brandy is often poured over the pudding and then set alight. The flame is a reflection of the ancient Yule celebrations.

Adding small items, coins or charms to the mixture is thought to bring good luck to anyone who is fortunate enough to find one in a serving.