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Rupert Sheldrake Biologist

Senior Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences ("noetic" meaning 'pertaining to the mind')

One of the most radical new theorist (new ways to look at the world) Sheldrake proposes the term Morphic Fields (the influence of like upon like through space and time, self-organising properties of systems in all levels of the universe, from molecular to societies. A kind of cumulative memory inherent in nature). This is the theory that everything in the universe gives out a field of energy that can and does affect atoms, molecules, actions, plants, insects, animals and humans both on an individualistic aspect and as a group/collective. The mere fact that this theory can be raised leads us into the world of "What if". What if Sheldrakes theory is right then suddenly the very essence of science is open to debate.

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What Sheldrake asks for is for more research to be done in some of the areas of life that are accepted happen but know nothing about. Such as how do pigeons home? The variability of the "Fundamental Constants", How do some pets know when their owners are returning?

In his book "Seven Experiments That Could Change the World - A do-it-yourself guide to revolutionary science", he addresses some of these points and asks readers to become involved in research to change views of science.

His alternative ways of explaining some of the world to many seems outrageous but what must always be remembered is that it is only by hearing alternative theories that we are able to explore and then prove or disprove old and new theories.

Mystical-WWW highly recommends this book to any one that has an enquiring mind and is open to alternative views it's also great for creating radical conversations amongst friends. If you would like to write a review on this or other books then why not email us.

Seven Experiments That Could Change the World
Available in paperback
Published by fourth estate, London. ISBN 1-85702-298-X Reviews

The Sunday Times wrote:-
'The amazing thing about this book is that the title is very true. At the very least, Seven Experiments will change your view of the world. It will disturb you in the nicest possible way. What you thought were the "rules" you will discover to be only theories. The things you thought scientists "knew", you will discover they only think.'

Colin Tudge in the New Scientist:
'This is a hugely enjoyable book. It is also an important one as an exercise in the philosophy of science and possibly as an insight into the material world.'

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