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To as far back as Egyptian times giving flowers to people has been seen as a good luck token bringing good fortune to all concerned though folklore has it that taking flowers into a house that have bloomed out of season or giving them to a friend will bring bad fortune. When choosing flowers for someone who is ill it is considered wise to think about the associations connected with each flower (white should not be given, whilst red are seen to be a good choice as they denote life, regeneration ,  blood)., and never mix flowers together or place flowers on the bed for a sick person. Picking a flower from a grave and then simply throwing it way is thought to bring bad luck as the place where the flower falls will be haunted.

A German belief though has somewhat happier results. By taking a flower to the table and brushing over your lips after you have drunk some wine then giving this to your lover will secure their love to you forever..

Planting flowers during the period of the new moon is reputed to encourage good luck and prosperity in all your gardening endeavours.