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The festival of Hallowe'en later took a firm hold in North America with slight alterations being made to some of the festivities. Pumpkins replaced the turnip-laterns and crowds of begging hopeful children would often disguise themselves as witches and go 'Trick or Treating'.

In more recent years it has become a day of party games and fun especially amongst the young, particularly in America where 'Trick or Treating' as it is still commonly known is practiced. Children dress up in fancy dress costumes that represent either horror or fun characters and in small groups travel on foot door-to-door where upon they knock the door. When it is opened they chant "Trick or Treat". The occupier of the house then has a choice; give them a 'Treat' (sweets, cookies/biscuits, fruit, toffee apples etc.), or send them away, where upon the children play a 'Trick' such as sprinkling flour outside the front door, soaping windows or leaving gates open.